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The Valiant quadcopter drone is designed to be mass-produced, capable of carrying heavy payloads for long distances, performing surveillance and reconnaissance, and is resilient against jamming.

Printed Aerospace combines 3D printing technology with a modular design for backpack carry and fast assembly, providing great mobility. The Valiant is capable of operating in adverse weather conditions and is equipped by default with a swiveling camera, package attachment and release mechanism, GPS anti-jamming module, and long-range radio.

Customization and more information is available on request.


Maximum Payload5+ kg
Maximum Distance30+ km
Maximum Flight Time50+ minutes
Maximum Battery Weight4 kg
Frame Weight (without battery)4.5 kg
Dimensions (fully assembled)110 x 110 x 50 cm
Payload greater than the listed Maximum Payload can be used, however, specifications including (but not limited to) cruising speed, maximum speed, maximum wind speed, maximum flight time, and maximum distance will decrease. Actual operating specifications may vary depending on wind speed, environmental conditions, and aggressiveness of flight.